PIX 240 Digital Recorders

Panasonic P2 Recorder/Player

GPS has two PIX 240/240i portable HD video recorders with a  5" monitor that allow you to create digital DNxHD or ProRez files from any HDMI or SDI input. The files are recorded onto a 256gb SSD inserted into the PIX. Several recording options are available in either the DNxHD or ProRez formats.  The PIXs are powered by a D-tap or Sony batteries.

The Panasonic HPG-20 P2 deck is capable of recording onto P2 cards or transferring footage from a P2 card to an external hard drive.  Featuring AVC-Intra recording, the portable P2 deck provides instant playback, recording, and file copying.  It features two P2 card slots and a 3.5" LCD monitor and can be used stand-alone or attached to any full sized camera.  The deck is powered by Sony batteries.