PL-Mount Lenses


B4 2/3" HD Zoom Lenses

Lens Accessories

The Fuji T2.9 Cabrio Compact Cinema 19-90mm zoom lens has a detachable servo-zoom handgrip which allows you to convert it from an ENG lens to a cinema zoom.  The lens mount on most PL mount cameras contains a hot shoe contact which powers the lens.  We also have a D-tap power cable if using an adapter without the contacts.  The lens comes with a Microforce Digital zoom controller.

The Cooke T3.9 Cine Varaotal MKII 25-250mm is a classic 10x zoom lens which offers great range and a medium-sized value with a weight of 10.6 lbs.  The lens has low distortion, high resolution, and excellent contrast, covers the Super35 sensor and comes with a Heden zoom motor and a microforce zoom controller.

GPS offers a set of five Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 lenses complete in a custom pelican case.  The lenses include an 18mm T3.6, a 25mm T2.9, a 35mm T2.1, a 50mm T2.1, and an 85mm T2.1.

The IBe Optics HDx35 optical adapter converts a B4 2/3" HD lens to a PL-mount lens.  This allows use of all of our B4 mount lenses on our PL-mount cameras.  There is a 2 1/2" stop loss when using the adapter.

GPS has two Canon J22x7.6 HD BIRS lenses available, featuring a zoom range from 7.6mm to 168mm, built-in doubler, and f/1.8 minimum f-stop. The lenses come with a lens shade and polarizer or Vocas 4x4 2-stage mattebox with french flag and Canon zoom controller.

The Canon HJ18x7.8 HD BIRS zoom lens features a zoom range from 7.8mm to 144mm, built-in doubler, and has a f/2.2 minimum f-stop. Includes a lens shade and polarizer or a Vocas 4x4 2-stage mattebox with french flag and Canon zoom controller.

The Canon J11x4.5 SD BIRS wide angle zoom lens features a zoom range from 4.5mm to 50mm, built-in doubler, and has a minimum F-stop of 1.8.  Includes a lens shade or Vocas 4x5 mattebox, 4x5 polarizer, wide angle french flag and a Canon zoom controller.

The Century Precision Optics Fisheye adapter fits all of our 98mm B4 mount Canon zoom lenses and provides barrell distortion and a 180 degree angle of view.

Lens Mount Adapters

Canon Metabones EF/EF-S to Sony E-mount adapter works with full-frame and APS-C cameras.  Works with our FS7, a7RII, and FS700.

Nikon to Sony FZ mount by MTF fits the F55 cameras.

Nikon to Sony E-mount adapter by MTF fits the FS7, a7RII, and FS700.

Sony E-mount Zoom Lens

The Sony E PZ 18-110mm G OSS f/4 zoom lens is an APS/C Super 35mm E-mount lens which features servo and manual zooming, auto iris or a manual de-clicked iris ring, and auto/manual focus.  The lens is a great compliment to the Sony FS7, A7rII DSLR and FS700 cameras.

Canon EF to E-mount T CINE Speed Booster o.71x fits the FS7, a7RII, and FS700.


The Zacuto Gratical Eye Micro OLED EVF features 1280x1024 1080p resolution.  This EVF works on our FS7, C500, and FS700 cameras and is a tremendous step-up from the standard viewfinders/LCD screens.